Rebak Island Resort Langkawi

Rebak Island Resort

The Rebak Island, named after the native Rebak tree, is one of the 99 isles that make up the legendary Langkawi. The island is blessed with a balmy climate, stunning rock formations, a lush forest that goes back a million years and pristine, secluded beaches. A part of nature with jungles and forest as old as 100 million years.

Our UNIQUE Brand Features:

We are the only 5 STAR resort on an island off Langkawi

  1. Managed by the TAJ organization, prevailing for MORE THAN 100 YEARS in the HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY.
  2. Located on its very OWN PRIVATE ISLAND
  3. Shares a BOAT RIDE experience with guest
  4. Offers COMPLIMENTARY kayaking, biking and WIFI

For more info, please visit out Rebak Island Marina Resort website.

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